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 The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity Southeast consists of individual, corporate and educational AHDI members who reside in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee or Georgia.  You are automatically a member if you live in one of these states.  Membership in AHDI-Southeast is free.



10 Roles for Healthcare Documentation Specialists

AHDI has published a flyer featuring 10 roles that healthcare documentation specialists are qualified to perform in the EHR. The flyer includes a section presenting the value proposition of the workforce and briefly summarizes the Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist (CHDS) body of knowledge to give employers a quick snapshot of the breadth of knowledge a CHDS brings to the table.

AHDI began circulating this material at HIMSS14, and we will continue to reach out to employers to share it. We encourage you to download the flyer to use as a tool to position yourself and your talent in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace and circulate it to your professional network.

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The current CMT exam is being rebranded and renamed to Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist (CHDS). Since you earned your CMT before January 2011*, the Credentialing Commission for Healthcare Documentation has created a simple way for you to bridge to the updated credential. The CHDS Bridge Course is now available and open for enrollment. Sign up today to be among the first CMTs to earn their CHDS!

Complete information and FAQs on the rebranding of AHDI’s credentialing exams are posted online at

Voluntarily Bridge Your CMT to the CHDS

  • To add the additional blueprint domains to your certified skill set and earn the expanded CHDS designation, you may do so by taking the online CHDS Bridge Course. It is a self-paced online course that must be completed in 8 weeks. Upon successful completion of the course and final exam you will earn your CHDS credential.
  • The CHDS Bridge Course addresses only the blueprint objectives and additional knowledge domains that were added to the exams in 2011. The course curriculum covers the 15 objectives across two knowledge domains from the current credentialing exam blue print. The objectives represent advanced clinical practice, advanced surgical practice, health information technology and standards, and speech recognition technology.
  • Your current certification cycle will not change upon completion of the course. You will earn 10 CECs (4 CM, 4 TW, 1 MTT, and 1 PD) for successfully completing the CHDS Bridge Course, which may be applied toward your current cycle.
  • The first course starts October 1. Registration is open until September 25. Thereafter, the course will begin on the first of each month, with registration open from the 1st through the 25th of the month prior to the start of the course.
  • The CHDS Bridge Course costs $45 for eligible members, with a list price of $70.

Marketing Your New Credentials
In addition to AHDI’s marketing campaign for the new credentials, it’s important for you to feel confident in communicating the value of being credentialed to your current or prospective employer, business partners, colleagues, and other members of the healthcare team. To that end, AHDI will be providing talking points to aide you as we prepare to formally release the RHDS and CHDS. Watch for information later this year.

*EXCEPTION: If you earned your credential through the online proctored beta exam in October 2010 — December 2010, your credential will be automatically rebranded to CHDS next month and a new certificate will be mailed to you. You do not have to register for and take the CHDS Bridge Course.

Registration is open for the Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist (RHDS) Recredentialing Course. The first online course begins on October 1 with registration closing on September 25. Enrollment is open each month from the 1st to the 25th for the course starting the 1st of the next month.  Learn more and register.

RMTs who earned their credential before the release of the current exam blue prints will transition automatically to the RHDS designation through a revised recredentialing course.  An RMT may take the recredentialing course at any time during your cycle to bridge over to an RHDS. Alternatively, you may wait until the end of your current cycle and earn your RHDS when you recertify. Successful completion of that updated recredentialing course will earn the RMT their new RHDS credential and their new 3-year cycle will begin. Read more.

With registration opening just last month, we’re delighted to report that 125 CMTs have already registered for the first online CHDS Bridge Course, starting October 1. Likewise, the RHDS Recredentialing Course was announced just two weeks ago and already has 11 RMTs registered who will bridge to the RHDS and recertify at the same time. RMTs are eligible to take the RHDS Recredentialing Course at any time during their cycle to earn their RHDS credential. Upon successful completion of the course, a new cycle for the RHDS will begin.

Enrollment is open monthly between the 1st to the 25th for the courses starting on the 1st of the following month (e.g., enrollment open from October 1 - 25 for the course starting November 1). The CHDS Bridge Course is only available to CMTs who earned their credential before the release of the current exam blueprints (before January 2011, with the exception of those who took the beta exam in fall of 2010). Details are available online.

There are 565 RMTs and CMTs (who earned their credential based on the current exam blueprints) who will soon have their credential automatically changed to RHDS and CHDS, respectively. Information will be sent in the coming weeks, so watch your Inbox for the exciting news!

To read more about the rebranding of the RMT and CMT, visit our website for details.

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